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This POW camp was near Darmstadt. Eisenhower renamed these prisoners Disarmed Enemy Combatants in order to remove them from the Geneva Convention. Germany signed the convention and treated Allied soldiers as the Convention required.  Soviet Russia was not a signor and as a result they were treated differently.  Horribly I might say.  This camp was under the jurisdiction of Patton and as a result got different treatment from the prisoners not under his jurisdiction as described in James Bacques book "Other losses" I have not been able to contact Bacque and get his comment on the different treatment as described in his book and the obvious good condition here. They were no doubt treated harshly as I saw when  a troop of prisoners were brought to our compound at the Emil Ludwig Kasserne there at Darmstadt and forced to  police up the compound. 
Doyal Gudgel T5 HQ Btry 3rd Inf Divarty
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