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Saturday, February 26, 2011

New material for Bills war

3rd Infantry Division
In WW2 800 Americans a day for 1,000 days died, were wounded or were missing. There are still over 70,000 missing.  World wide 25.000 people were killed each day for over 2,000 days.  Some have had the audacity to label this "The Good War".  There was nothing good about it. Others have labeled those who participated in it as the Greatest Generation. Each participated and did their duty as they were required.  Bill Sheldon was one of those who did their duty and this is his record as best it can be reconstructed with what  material is available. Pictures, film, and what he told people about his experiences. His experiences were confined to fighting others who were armed and did not involve killing  innocent civilians. Each of those who died in WW2 was a person like you and me.  Like Stalin said.  1 death is a tragedy.  50,000,000 is a statistic. Each life and death is a story.  This is Bill Sheldons story.

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